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Incolomotos YAMAHA S.A - Colombia

This is by far the biggest project for YMSLI - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team till date. This implementation included all the modules of a standard ERP packages like Finance, Sales & Receivables, Purchase & Payables, Warehouse/Inventory Management, Service Management and Customer Relationship Management to name a few.

It was a very challenging experience for the team of young people considering the involvement of international project partners like Delloite for Quality Management, Suani BSM Networks for Colombian localization and Bibian Correa for Change Management. Moreover this project involved two-ways communication between IYDOL & Navision for managing IY dealers. It also engaged implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in IY Direct shops which is a vertical development activity for managing Yamaha Company owned & operated showrooms.

Pre-Implementation scenario

Introduction of a standardized ERP solution and elimination of the existing defects of the old legacy systems. There was a need to implement a flexible system that is adaptable to new changes in business and adhere to the 80/20 rule (need to have / nice to have).

Inventory management in IY warehouse was a problem area and Direct shop's proper management, a key component of IY project. The new system was to help in proper synchronization of all data information flow between direct shops & IY without any data redundancy.

Post-Implementation phase

The project went live on May 13, 2008 and is running successfully. YMSLI also provided one month Onsite support and two months Offsite support to IY.

During the Support Phase, the normal support issues faced by YMSLI were:

  • Improvements in System process (Security Wise)
  • Data Correction happen due to user mistake
  • Technical Bugs
  • MIS Reports

Benefits to IY

A marked increase in efficiency through streamlining of business processes; reduced overstocking costs, returns & order processing time; timely generation of Reports and quick availability of data.

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