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Java Implementation | YMPULSE - YMENV, Europe

Brief:  Yamaha Motors Europe approached YMSLI to create an interactive web application accessible to all its dealers. YMSLI developed YMPULSE, a dealer management system solution for YME that helps members of the automotive value chain expedite service by easily accessing their real-time information. It improves business processes and meets business challenges of an automotive organization head on. From system functionality prospective, it serves automotive sales, after sales repair, warranty and services.

Pre-implementation scenario: The company needed to streamline its interaction with its dealers whilst reducing costs incurred in this process. There was a demand –
  •     To decrease the response time in order to increase the       efficiency of work.
  •     Need for an efficient & improved dealer management system.
  •     Technology migration, to build a platform independent system,       cost effective, and an open source based product.
  •     Adopting Yamaha Next Generation Architecture (a java based       framework) and implementation.
  •     Multi lingual system to improve user friendliness.

Post-implementation scenario: YMSLI developed a Dealer Management System for the client, providing following benefits:

  •     Web-based interface, which enabled dealers to view their       monthly statements, query the contracts sold by them, generate       reports and perform certain data entry operations.
  •     Managing dealers profiles and assessing dealer operations.
  •     Enabled the company to collaborate with dealers throughout the       forecasting process.
  •     Retain customer loyalty by improving customer satisfaction and       enhancing aftermarket sales relationships.

Benefits to YMNL:
Technology adherences

  •     MVC benefits over n-tiers architecture model.
  •     Support for Multiple Client Devices.
  •     Replacement of an MVN component without re-writing the entire       application.
  •     Robust, web-based application , no client side installation       requirement.
  •     Cost redundant and money-value of an open source product.

Business Integration and Improvement:

  •     Create a seamless flow of product information to steer the sales       process.
  •     Reduce time by streamlining processes and gaining transparent       order tracking of auto parts.
  •     Make critical decisions instantly with near real-time access to       information.
  •     Personalize relationships, interactions and transactions with       dealers, channels, partners and customers by sharing data       across organizations.
  •     Provide a single point of access to service after sales       information and processes.
  •     Proactively handle warranty claims and issues.

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