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Designed to make your business more efficient & more profitable.

A unique application designed to serve the day to day operational needs, Dealer Management System (DMS) has proved to be the lifeline for India Yamaha Motor and its dealers. It is a complete tailor-made and integrated solution developed in latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Navision for Dealers & Service Centers of Automobile companies for their entire business processes.

In accordance with the Microsoft guidelines, we are committed to offer support for the same version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, that are supported by Microsoft. We permanently develop our solutions and upgrade to the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV within 9 months from the moment, when it's available.

DMS-NAV integrates every facet of dealer operations from accounting to finance to parts & service to prospecting & follow up. This specialized software solution for retail and distribution of automotive industry is powered by Microsoft Dynamics and works in Local as well as Centralised environment. Dealer Management System (DMS) is designed to meet the needs of the modern automotive dealership such as 3S – Sales, Service & Spare Parts and help them to work more efficiently, lower the costs and sell more.

This software is user friendly, versatile & cost-effective with free upgrades & no long term contracts. The versatility of DMS-NAV is unmatched for flexibility & ease of integration. When it comes to creating innovative, high tech management solutions, DMS-NAV is leading the way.

 Salient Features of DMS :
  •    Making your business more secure: Strongest & most      comprehensive security system by creating User & User Groups      privileges that can be assigned at both the levels.
  •    Enhancing your business transparency: Tighter & seamless      integration of Accounting Module with all other modules keeps the      financials updated simultaneously and precisely.
  •    Easier generation of reports: Facilitates extracting Purchase      Orders, Warranty Claims and other documents into manufacturer      specific format.
  •    Single point entry: Evades repetition of data entry in the      system.
  •    Compatible: Varied print configurations in DOS/Windows mode      for  documents printing.
  •    On screen help: DMS-NAV offers an on-screen manual featuring      a variety of search options.
  •    Minimizes wait time & reduces overbooking.
  •    Comprehensive business intelligence: DMS-NAV automatically      updates accounting every time a transaction is posted, all without      the need for cumbersome batch process.
  •    Taking control over your inventory: Enables the management      to easily track inventory levels at all the locations and update      pertinent accounting information with fresh data at real time.
  •    Empowering dealers: DMS-NAV in unit sales gives dealers a      transparency for the entire gamut of activity involved in bike     sales.
  •    Covering your entire Service Warranty processing chain:      DMS-NAV is equipped with the functionalities like FIR (Free      Inspection on Receiving), PDI (Pre-Dispatch Inspection), Service      & Warranty Job cards etc. With all these features DMS- NAV helps      to improve overall organization as well as increase customer      satisfaction.
  •    Available in various modules individually or jointly.

We have been able to fill the gap between IYM and its dealers through the help of Dealer Management System which not only provides a secured global view of the transactions to our esteemed client but also comes equipped with effective use of resources.

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